How to store your coins in a secured wallet


This guide will explain the basics of cryptocurrency wallets; what are they, why you need them and how do you use them? Before you start buying or selling coins on our website, your own personal cryptocurrency wallet is required. Be aware that Anycoin Direct is not a wallet provider! Therefore you will not find the coins in your Anycoin Direct account on our website. Every coin has it’s own variety of wallets with different functions. In this guide we will explain more about these wallets and how to use them. Please note that these wallets are in constant development. This means that using software wallets are your own responsibility and some research may be required.

What is a cryptocurrency wallet?

A cryptocurrency wallet is a specific type of software on which you can safely store your coins. Every coin had different kinds of wallets that you can use. Examples of these different types of wallets are: 

In our ‘Coin’ section, we have multiple articles about the wallets that we recommend. This section (and more information about the coins that we offer) can be found here.

What is a coin address?

A coin address is the unique address on which your wallet can receive cryptocurrency. You can compare it to the IBAN address of your bank account. Each different type of cryptocurrency needs a specific wallet. For example bitcoins can only be sent to a Bitcoin wallet and address. When you place an order on Anycoin Direct, we will ask you for this unique coin address.

What type of wallet do you recommend and why?

We always recommend using a wallet with the option to save your own private keys. Hardware wallets are a safe choice regarding these private keys. Al tough mobile wallet applications are widely used, we do not recommend storing large amounts of coins on them. 

The coins that we offer and the wallets that we recommend:

Coins and Wallets  


Although we recommend these wallets, we are not responsible for any issues or problems regarding that specific wallet. Anycoin Direct is not a wallet provider. You can not store coins on our website. If you do have any issues regarding the wallet itself, we advise you to contact their customer support.

The wallets we recommend can change due to the fact that all these technologies are in constant development.

Thank you for using Anycoin Direct! If you still have any questions regarding wallets or any question in general, do not hesitate to contact us through live chat (bottom-right on every page of our site), email (, support ticket or by giving us a call (+31 (0) 413 747 174)

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