Why use Anycoin Direct?

Before we started this company, we asked ourselves the following question: ‘Why is buying bitcoins so difficult and why is it so time consuming?’ We wanted to change that and so we started our platform on April the 4th, 2013. Since then, a lot has changed. We are now one of the largest Bitcoin brokers in Europe. A fact we are immensely proud of. Nonetheless, there is one thing that has not changed over the years: making service our number one priority!

If you have any questions about your order, or any question regarding cryptocurrencies in general, you can always contact us. Ask your questions through email, social media, support ticket, live chat or by simply giving us a call. Every day of the week, we strive to answer your question as quick and efficient as possible. From ordering coins to transferring them to your wallet, we can help you step by step. 

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