How to store your coins in a secured desktop wallet

The downloadable desktop wallet

Most coins have their own website and a page on which you can find their wallets. A safe way to find the correct website of a specific coin is to navigate to and search for a specific coin. On the page of the coin itself you can also find the corresponding official website. When visiting the website of a specific coin you need to look for the page where you can download the wallet. The most secure wallet is always the official ‘core’ wallet or ‘client’ wallet because of the fact that you can:

    1. Back up your private keys or export your recovery seed
    2. Encrypt the wallet with a password

When you download the wallet it is very important to first backup the wallet data by saving the private key/wallet file/recovery seed on, for example, a printed piece of paper or on a USB flash drive. The second thing you may consider doing is encrypting the wallet with a password. This makes the private key or wallet file unusable without the password. Both these options are available in almost all core dekstop wallets, and usually also in the ‘lite’ or ‘light’ wallet versions. These Lite wallets are also downloadable on the official websites of most coins.

On figure 1.1 you see a picture of the Bitcoin core wallet and the option to make a backup. This backup function will copy the wallet.dat file containing the private keys. We recommend that you keep this backup on a different device than the one you run your wallet on (USB flash drive or paper).


Figure 1.1

On figure 1.2 you can see another picture of the Bitcoin core wallet but now with the option to encrypt the wallet with a password. Make sure you do not lose this password. If you can not remember your password, you can not access your private key and your coins.


Figure 1.2

The three most secure steps to ensure cryptocurrency safety are: 1. Downloading the desktop wallet from the official website; 2. encrypting your private key with your password; 3. storing your private key on a separate device. 

Please make sure that you download the official wallet from the official coin website.


Although we recommend these wallets, we are not responsible for any issues or problems regarding that specific wallet. Anycoin Direct is not a wallet provider. You can not store coins on our website. If you do have any issues regarding the wallet itself, we advise you to contact their customer support.

The wallets we recommend can change due to the fact that all these technologies are in constant development.

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