Can I transfer coins to an ICO?

DO NOT send coins to an ICO (directly).

A lot of ICO’s work with so called ‘countdowns’ and ‘temporary wallets’. In addition, most ICOs transfer their tokens to the same address the coins were sent from. Sending coins through Anycoin Direct will result in a loss of the digital currency, since we do not accept these tokens. We at Anycoin Direct strongly advise you to send the coins to your personal wallet, where you are in the possession of your own private key. If you would like to participate in an ICO, you will first need to send your cryptocurrency to your personal wallet. You can then transfer the coins from your own wallet to the ICO’s wallet. Anycoin Direct is not responsible for any losses caused due to the coins being transferred to an ICO. Click on the button below for a full overview of the wallets that we recommend.


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