How to make your account more secure.

Anycoin Direct has implemented several security measures to make sure that your account is as safe as possible. This guide will provide you with extra security tips in order to further protect your online presence. We strongly recommend you to follow the steps suggested in this guide.

Customer Support


Anycoin Direct staff will never ask for your password or 2-factor authentication codes. Besides that, Anycoin Direct employees will never ask you to install any remote login software on your device. Apart from sell orders, Anycoin Direct will never ask you to send coins to a coin address.

Always contact Anycoin Direct support through our official website or by sending an email to You can also contact phone support on (+31 (0) 413 747 174) or you can contact us through Facebook. Our official Facebook page can be found here: You can contact us on Facebook messenger. Be aware that Anycoin Direct will never contact you through Facebook.

Besides our official channels we have also extended our services to certain message boards. On these message boards we help other people with all kinds of questions. Right now we are active on the following websites: (username: Anycoin Direct Support), (username: AnycoinDirectSupport). Any user or website not listed on this page, is not an official representative of Anycoin Direct.

Should you ever receive any messages from other email addresses, numbers or names, we advise you to ignore these messages and contact Anycoin Direct immediately.


A strong password is your first line of defense against unauthorized access to your Anycoin Direct account. Always use a complex and unique password that has not been used on any other website. We strongly recommend you to change/renew your password periodically (every three months). Never share your password or any other login credentials.

Anycoin Direct employees will never ask for your password!

2-Factor Authentication

The 2-factor authentication (2FA) option on Anycoin Direct is a good way to increase your account security. Since 2FA is linked to a specific device it is impossible to gain access to your account without that device. We recommend to always keep 2FA activated on your Anycoin Direct account.

For more information on how to add or remove 2FA, please visit the following link:

2FA Guide


In order to protect your Anycoin Direct account it is very important to have a secure email address. Always use a strong and unique password for your email address. Also make sure that the password for your email address is different from your Anycoin Direct account’s password. It is advised to check whether your email address has ever been breached, hacked or compromised. This website can be used to check for any 3rd party breaches. If your account has been breached in the past, it is advisable to either create a new email address or to change the password. In addition, secure your email address with 2-factor-authentication.


Anycoin Direct is in no way affiliated with and gives no guarantees about its services. Please use at your own discretion.


Be cautious for emails pretending to be from Anycoin Direct as well as websites mimicking or duplicating the official Anycoin Direct website. Always bookmark important websites (Anycoin Direct, email, banks etc.) and visit them by clicking on the bookmark. The official Anycoin Direct website can be recognized by the green SSL mark (Secure) next to the URL. Avoid opening links or attachments in emails unless you are sure that the email came from

Remember that Anycoin Direct will never ask you for your login credentials, 2FA codes or access to your computer.




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