How to verify my bank account


At Anycoin Direct you can only purchase cryptocurrency with your own bank account. Through this verification process, you add your personal or company bank account to your Anycoin Direct account.

After verification, you can select your bank account when placing orders. You can verify multiple bank accounts as long as they belong to you personally. Once a bank account is verified, you can use that account for all future orders.


Step 1: The bank verification page.

We will ask you to select a verified bank account, when you place an order on Anycoin Direct. If you have not verified your bank account yet, you will automatically be redirected to the bank verification page.


Once you are on the bank verification page, you will see an overview of all your verified bank accounts. If you want to add a new one, you need to click on the green ‘Add new bank account’ button.

Step 2: Adding a new bank account.

On this page you can add your bank account to your Anycoin Direct account. First, you need to select your desired payment method on the left side of the screen.


For the next step, you need to enter your IBAN. The verification process will fail if you use someone else’s bank account. Once you have selected a payment method and entered your IBAN, you need to accept our terms and agreements.

Click on the green ‘Start Payment’ button in order to proceed.

Step 3: Complete the one-time payment of €1.

In order to verify your bank account, you now need to transfer the amount €1 to Anycoin Direct. This payment is required only once per bank account. Once we have received this one-time payment of €1, we can verify whether the bank account is valid and if the bank account belongs to you.


Once you have entered all your details and clicked on the green ‘Start Payment’ button, you will be redirected to the page of your selected payment method (with the exception of SEPA*).

Follow the instructions provided on this page to complete the payment. Be sure that you ‘confirm’ or ‘proceed’ the order in the final payment screen. Our system will verify your bank account directly once we receive the confirmation of your payment, this process will be instant in most cases.


After the verification process is complete, you can select your bank account when placing an order on Anycoin Direct.


When you have selected SEPA as your payment method, you will be redirected to a separate page on our website. On this page you can find all the details that are needed to complete the SEPA payment.

Open a separate window and go to the website of your personal bank. There you need to wire us the payment of €1. Use the details we gave you, to make sure the payment is done correctly.

Once we receive the payment (this can take up to two working days), your bank account will be verified.

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