How to trade using Coin-to-Coin


With Coin-to-Coin trading you will be able to directly trade your cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency. This guide will help you navigate through the process step by step.

Coin-to-coin trading is possible on the 'Trade' section of our website. Remember that you should have both your wallets ready as you will be transferring one cryptocurrency while simultaneously receiving another.



Step 1: Enter the amount of coins you want to trade

First, you have to select the two coins you would like to trade. You will then see the following screen*:



* in this example the trade is from NEO to Qtum.

Here you can enter the quantity (amount) of the coins you would like to trade or the amount of the other cryptocurrency you want to receive. When you enter the amount of cryptocurrency, the opposite value will automatically show up adjusted to the current rate.

Examples of this are presented in the following two scenarios:


Scenario 1:

You want to trade 2 NEO for an X amount of QTUM, the amount of QTUM you will receive adjusts automatically to the amount of NEO you want to trade. (In this case 2 NEO for about 7.66032216 Qtum):



Scenario 2:

You want to receive 8 NEO by trading Qtum, the amount of Qtum will automatically be updated to the amount you need to send to receive 8 NEO. (In this case about 34.24936319 Qtum):



Please note, the actual price is updated every thirty seconds. When you enter the amount (in the quantity field) the current price will be calculated automatically.


Step 2: Entering the correct coin address (wallet)

You need to provide your receive coin address:

  1. First, open the wallet of the coin you would like to receive
  2. You will find the receive address inside the wallet
  3. Copy this receive address and paste it in the correct field

Always make sure that you do not type, but copy this unique address!

If you do not own a wallet yet of the coin you are about to trade we have a list of Anycoin Direct recommended wallets. These recommended wallets are located on the left side of the screen. An example is shown in the picture below:



Coin address warning!

Remember to double check, because if the order is successful, the coins will be transferred to the address that you provided. Once the transaction is in the blockchain, the process is irreversible. When you provide us with the wrong address, we can not retrieve the coins.


Step 3: Transferring the coins to Anycoin Direct

Once you have selected the amount you would like to trade and agreed to our terms and conditions, you can press the ‘Trade’ button. We can now proceed to the next step: transferring the coins from your wallet to Anycoin Direct. You will now enter the final order screen. In this screen you can find the following information:


  1. The exact amount of coins you must transfer to us
  2. The send coin address which must be used to transfer the coins, this is the address of our wallet
  3. The timer, you must complete the transfer within the given time frame
  4. Your order status. If we have successfully received the coins the status will change to fully received

In the final order screen, you will see a timer counting down. Please complete the transfer of the coins within the given time frame. If not, the order will be expired and the trade will not be completed. Complete the following steps, to transfer the coins from your wallet to the wallet of Anycoin Direct.

  1. Open your wallet
  2. Select send/withdrawal in your wallet and copy the coin address provided by us, into the open field
  3. Enter the exact amount of coins you must transfer*
  4. Send / Transfer the coins to the coin address (wallet)
  5. The order is successful, the moment we have received the coins. The traded coins will be sent to your wallet.  

*Additional fee

Most wallets add an additional fee on top of the amount you are trying to transfer. Be aware of this, when you want to transfer the total amount in your wallet. The fee is needed to confirm the transfer in the blockchain. The higher the fee, the faster the confirmation. Every wallet has it’s own fee settings, so please check your personal wallet’s settings before transferring the coins.


Step 4: Receiving the coins

The order will be completed once you have transferred the coins from your wallet to the address that we provided, within the given time frame. Whether the order is ‘Successful’ or ‘Failed’, can be seen in the order status (4). If all the steps mentioned above are done correctly (correct information, correct addresses, correct amount and within the given time frame) your order will be processed automatically. 

Please make sure that the wallet you are using is up to date and synchronized. If everything is correct, you will receive the coins shortly.

Thank you for using Anycoin Direct! If you still have any questions regarding the 'Trade' process or any question in general, do not hesitate to contact us through live chat (bottom-right on every page of our site), email (, support ticket or by giving us a call (+31 (0) 413 747 174)

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