How to create and verify my Business Account


To verify your business account, you need to complete certain steps before you can place any order. This guide will help you step-by-step through the entire process. A business account is required if you want to purchase cryptocurrency with your company's bank account.

Step 1: Create and activate your business account;
Step 2: Verify your phone number;
Step 3: Upload a high-quality and clear copy of your ID card or Passport;
Step 4: Upload a copy of your Proof of Residence document (no older than three months);
Step 5: Upload your company’s Chamber of Commerce extract (no older than six months);
Step 6: Complete the video verification (this is optional in order to directly raise your limits).


Step 1: Create and activate your business account

You can create an account by clicking ‘Register’ in the top right corner. You will be redirected to the registration screen where we ask for some personal details. In order to create a business account, you need to check the ‘Company account’ box. By checking this box, the following three fields will appear:

  • Company name;
  • Company registration number;
  • VAT number.

All details need to be answered correctly and truthfully! A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address provided you provided, once all details are submitted. You can find a link and an activation token in the aforementioned confirmation e-mail. Either open the link or enter the activation token.


Step 2: Verify your phone number

After activating your account, you need to verify your phone number. You can verify your mobile phone here. The country code and the additional ‘0’ are not needed when entering your mobile phone number.

Example: If your phone number is 020 1234 5678, you enter your number as presented in the picture below:


After submitting your mobile phone number, you will receive a four-digit code from the sender ‘Anycoin’ in the form of a text message:



Enter this code in the box as presented below, this box will automatically appear after sending the four-digit code to your (mobile) phone. After clicking ‘Next’ your mobile phone number is successfully verified:



If you do not receive a text token, please contact our live support through chat or a new support ticket

Step 3: Upload a copy of your identity document, such as ID card or Passport

In order for us to verify your identity, we request you to upload an official identity document. Please make sure that your identity document meets the following requirements:

  • An official state-issued identity document (ID card, passport or residence permit);
  • A high-quality image of the entire document (front and back);
  • An entirely visible document;
  • Expiration date not exceeded.

You can upload the official identity document in your account dashboard.




Step 4: Upload a copy of your Proof of Residence document (no older than three months)

In order to confirm your residential address we ask you to upload a proof of residence, such as a bank statement, a monthly telephone bill, a receipt or an energy bill.

The document must clearly state your name, residential address and a recent date, no older than three months. If you cannot provide us with a proof of residence, uploading a screenshot is not permitted. However, it is allowed to download the said bills as a PDF document and upload it into your Anycoin Direct account.

This document must meet the following requirements:
  • It must describe your name and residential address;
  • High quality scan or photo;
  • Digital or printed, not handwritten;
  • It must contain a date;
  • Not older than three months.
 The following documents are not permitted as proof of residence:
  • Identity cards, on which your address is written on the front or the backside;
  • Handwritten documents;
  • Screenshots.

Step 5: Upload your company’s chamber of commerce extract (no older than six months)

We request you to provide us with a company’s extract of the Chamber of Commerce. The date of application of the extract, personal name, company name and company address must be present in this document. 

Your business account can be used once all documents are verified.


Step 6: Video verification on Linkello (level 5)

The final step can be completed via our Linkello video verification. Due note, that all previously mentioned documents need to be verified before proceeding with these final instructions:

  1. Start a live-chat

    Open a live-chat with our support team by clicking on the green ‘Chat’ button. You can find the chat-button on the homepage in the bottom right corner. Enter your name, your email address that is registered to Anycoin Direct and mention that you want to start the video verification.

  2. Open Linkello via the unique link:

    Our Support team will send you a unique verification link (Linkello), which you need to click on. A new tab will be opened where Linkello will ask you to enable your camera. Accept and start a video call with one of our agents. 

  3. Follow the instructions:

    Once the video call is set up, you need to follow the instructions of our support team. During this call, you need to present the same identification document that you have uploaded on your Anycoin Direct account.

Once the video call is set up, you need to follow the instructions of our support team. During this call, you need to present the same identification document that you have uploaded on your Anycoin Direct account.


Anycoin Direct will provide you with a Linkello link through our official chat. We will never provide this link via any other channel. 

Thank you for using Anycoin Direct! If you still have any questions regarding the verification process or any question in general, do not hesitate to contact us through live chat (bottom-right on every page of our site), email (, support ticket or by giving us a call (+31 (0) 413 747 174)

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