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Affiliate program conditions

Terms and conditions Affiliate Program Phoenix Payments B.V., trading under the name anycoindirect.eu. Hereafter to be called 'Phoenix'.



A customer or partner of Phoenix.

Affiliate program:
A program written by Phoenix in which an Affiliate can participate through Phoenix provided Supplementary material and/or Affiliate links, the platform and the services of Phoenix promotes on his / her website or social media channel.

Supplementary material:
Any kind of visualization as provided by Phoenix for the Affiliate Program. These include, among others: banners, posters, videos, Anycoin Direct logo.

Affiliate link:
A personalized URL that is unique for every affiliate.

A percentual compensation in favour of the Affiliate for the successful application of new customers.



  1. Every potential Affiliate of Phoenix may register for the Phoenix Affiliate Program. The potential Affiliate should follow the steps described in the Affiliate Program page.
  2. The potential Affiliate is responsible for the correct and complete delivery of his/her personal data.
  3. The potential Affiliate must agree to the applicable General Terms and Conditions. The Conditions Affiliate Program are complementary to the General Terms and Conditions.
  4. The Affiliate may make unlimited use of the Supplementary Material and the Affiliate link as long as the coöperation persists.
  5. The Affiliate link is not transferable in terms of ownership. The Affiliate is explicitly obliged to notify Phoenix of (future) changes in company structure, management structure and/or any other events that (may) influence the cooperation between Phoenix and the Affiliate.
  6. All items provided through the Affiliate Program remain the property of Phoenix, and Phoenix reserves the right to change and/or adapt and/or remove the Supplementary Material from the Affiliate Program.
  7. The Affiliate is not permitted to make adjustments to the Supplementary material provided. This includes, among other things: adjustments in code, colour and composition.
  8. The Affiliate acknowledges that, if adjustments are made to the Supplementary Material and/or the Affiliate link, no Commission may be paid.
  9. The accumulated Commission, through the Affiliate link, will be paid out monthly, in the first week of the following month, by bank transfer, to the IBAN provided within the Phoenix account.
  10. The Affiliate refrains from posting any Supplementary Material and/or the Affiliate link on websites / social media channels, which:
    1. Are of erotic, violent or pornographic nature;
    2. Violate the rights of third parties (including copyright, trademark, portrait rights);
    3. Promote or stimulate illegal or otherwise misleading activities;
    4. Can be considered discriminatory and/or offensive;
    5. Are contrary to the law, or may be interpreted as such;
    6. Are negative towards the activities of Phoenix.
  11. Phoenix reserves the right to immediately terminate the relationship in the event of non-compliance with a single part of these Terms and Conditions Affiliate Program.
  12. The Affiliate can unsubscribe from the Affiliate Program at any time by sending an e-mail to affiliates@anycoindirect.eu
  13. When Phoenix terminates the relationship based on the Terms and Conditions of Affiliate Program, the Affiliate can no longer make a claim on the commission that has not yet been settled or paid.
  14. Phoenix is ​​in no way responsible for content placed on websites and/or social media channels of third parties and/or Affiliate Partners.
  15. Any damage suffered by non-compliance with the aforementioned Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions will be recovered from the Affiliate. Damage may include, but not limited to: financial, reputation, image, operational and product damage.
  16. Phoenix reserves the right to periodically review the Terms and Conditions of the Affiliate Program without consulting the Affiliate.
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